Bernard Zimmerman & Olaf Griese

Electric conductivity and pH measurements in drain water of a biomeiler

This is a summary of a presentation during the 3rd International Biomeiler Conference in Leipzig in 2018.
This presentation has been transcribed and summarised by Arie van Ziel, please contact me if you'd like to extend on the text or edit something.

During this Biomeiler Business Model Brainstorm session many ideas passed around the community. If you would like to add to this page or state your additions more clearly, please let us know. An overview or clear summary of the best suggestions would also be very welcome.

Heiner gives an introduction.

Bernard: It would be good to create a data collection platform so we could use this to show possible customers how the biomeiler can be feasable. Could we have a data collection standard.

It would be necessary to create a data collection with basic knowledge, like the number of biomeilers currently in each country.

Heiner: There is a difference from bottom-up and top-down approaches. Where do we find our customers, are we focussing on the heat collection or the compost production? Whenever we are presenting ourselves, we should make it clear which position we take. On which

Jurrien: We need more data to show the viability of business models for biomeiler.

Fedde: [ ... ]

Heiner: We need funding to hire someone to collect this information.

Nele: [ ... ]

Arie: I’ll create the within 1 month of this conference.

Christopher (Annalinde): You can only access the datasheets about all EU biomeilers if you fill one in yourself.

Andrea: Maybe we could prepare a kit that you can rent out to monitor your biomeiler system.

Paolo: I get asked about certification a lot. To get it, the first step is to collect scientific data. Within the EU is funding to create an accreditation organisation. We could be this organisation together.

Fedde: To get the funding there are nocure-nopay offices who can help write the proposal.

Christopher: make the data collection very easy and live online data. Also, it’s neccesary to make the compost standardized and certified to create a business model.

Fedde: To make farmers use the urine we had to give them the certainty that they would get money back if their harvest would be payed back if it failed.

Saverio: We are now always just building biomeilers in a way we like. We could steer more on what kind of things would be done. We need a feature request system. Also, to get certification we should use certified measurement systems.

[ … ] : I do biomeiler workshops, but I need a standard data collection set for € 200-300 to be able to get the data.

Heiner: How far does the certification need to go? Should we check the probes on some basic level that it is clear that.

Paolo: We should talk to people who can explain which data measurements systems we need to be certified.

Heiner: Are there possibilities in CO2 certifications? Who could find this out.

Jaroslav: We are focussing more on Carbon Sequestration as a main reason for biomeilers.

Paolo: I would like to spend time on [ … ]

Fedde & Arie: we can start talking to EU offices in Haarlem.

We can also easily excess university professors via the current group of young students.

Christoph: Who has contacts to government officials to give us a push up?

Heiner: What kind of organisational form do we need?

Fedde/Arie: currently the only viable business model is using the biomeiler as a waste management system for certain flows or locations which are very difficult normally.

Saverio: Currently the laws about compost are going in the wrong direction for certification of the high quality of biomeiler compost.

Fedde: I’m working with an entrepeneur startup program who can help get certifications and other juridic.

Christopher: [ … ]

Name suggestions for the biomeiler compost product:

Jurrien: IM: improving micro-organisms

Christoph: Super Soil [ … ]

Questionaire after the conference:

Paolo: How much time could you put into helping the community the coming year, what if it’s paid?

Jurrien: What is the most important lesson in your biomeiler experience so far?

PJ: Is it true what Mele said about methane?

Christoph: Why do you think that everybody is so motivated for the long term to be involved in the biomeiler business?

Fedde: What hard data do you have on the energy output of your biomeiler?

Carlos: Do you know how we could access funding for combining biomeilers in refugee camps for local waste treatment?

Jaroslav: "What is the energy consumption of your house/flat in terms of heating in winter?" - it can be answered in kWh or amount of wood/coal/gas/electricity used for heating purposes

Jaroslav: "What part is already covered by biomeiler and what do you expect to be covered in future?"