Paollo Zampieri - Minimeiler with vertical heat exchanger

This is a summary of a presentation during the 3rd International Biomeiler Conference in Leipzig in 2018.
This presentation has been transcribed and summarised by Arie van Ziel, please contact me if you'd like to extend on the text or edit something.

This project is a reuse of the mobile wooden biomeiler in Amsterdam in combination with the heat exchanger that Jake de Goede designed. The goal of the research is measuring the horizontal and vertical heat transfer towards a central vertical heat exchanger.

Some short preliminary remarks about the project:

An advantage is that an open air water system can be used which is not pressurised.

With two persons we harvested and filled the biomeiler by hand. Using the screener bike from Buurtcompost Foundation to separate the compost.

Putting the sensors on an exact distance is quite hard.

Sadly there are no results yet because the measuring system had some failures during the first month.

[more information will follow shortly]